AAFSA established during 1999 is a SACAA Approved & Accredited Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) in terms of Parts 141, 121, 108 & 109 of the CAR’s. AAFSA is also Aerospace Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) and Safety And Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) Approved & Accredited in terms of several of the aviation safety and security training needs as provided by AAFSA. 
The Divisional Chief Executive of AAFSA, Mr. A. Viljoen holds an Aircraft Engineering Diploma, studied Aviation Safety Management at the Southern California University & International Air Transport Association (IATA). He also studied Incident and Accident Investigation Training with the Boeing Aircraft Corporation and Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) in the United Kingdom. With almost forty years Commercial Aviation & Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance, QC & QA and Aviation Safety/Security Management knowledge and practical experience, Mr. Viljoen was awarded the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) Safety Award sponsored by Air BP for his wide ranging innovations and safety contributions towards aviation in Africa. He also was awarded a Certificate of Gratitude by the former Director General of IATA for his valuable contributions to world airline contributions & Chairmanship of the IATA Ground Handling Council.
AAFSA is also a member of the Airports Council International (ACI) World Business Partner Program and the IATA Ground Handling Council and has been providing Aviation Safety / Security Risk Assessment and Aviation Safety & Security Training in association with Omega Risk Solutions such as Angola Air Services, and has been involved with Airport Disaster Management Training at Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airports. 

Finding the right training for your organisation is important as every employer especially those associated employee safety and commercial aviation is looking for quality and value for money. Such employers also require that the investment they make towards the training of their most valued asset, namely their staff, that this investment will have a positive impact towards their business and giving them a positive return on their investment.
In this regard, the vision of AAFSA in terms of the standard of safety training as provided to all indirect aviation organisation’s is that is to be the same high standard as the training provided to the Aviation Industry and which is never negotiable. IATA AHM 695 1.1 – Safety in aviation is a permanent requirement and its first command. In the air and on the ground, safety first is the rule. The very same principles apply in terms of Aviation Security as an ICAO Annex 17 Requirement” as far as the AAFSA Cargo Security Part 108 Training is concerned. All of the AAFSA training courses are developed to meet with these exceptionally high training standards.
The mission of AAFSA is to give all their clients quality training cost effectively and we also guarantee that the subject knowledge we provide, if applied, will give employers the return on investment that is expected from staff.    

All of the AAFSA training material complies with either local and/or international standards as applicable and where required, courses are approved and accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), Transport Education raining Authority (TETA) and Security Training Authority (SASSETA) (Refer Annexure 6.3, Page 14) and/or are conducted in terms with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and/or Airports Council International (ACI).

AAFSA currently holds accreditation in terms of a number of its courses as required by Airports Authorities, Airlines & Associated Service Providers i.e. all categories of Dangerous Goods Training, all categories of Radiotelephony Training, Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Training, all categories of First Aid Training, Airside Induction Training, all categories of SHE Safety Training, all categories of Cargo Security Part 108 which includes X-Ray Screeners & Threat Interpretation Training and Aerodrome Terminal AVSEC, X-Ray Screening & Threat Image Interpretation and 100% Hold Baggage Screening.     
Each of our Instructors is a Specialist in their respective subject fields with between twenty and forty years of International Commercial Aviation, Safety & Quality Management Systems and Safety Auditing and Risk Assessment knowledge and practical experience.
In order to give our clients the quality training that they are entitled to, AAFSA only employs Trainers that have extensive subject knowledge and practical experience of the subject and who can conduct a genuine training scheme - for the confidence and benefit of Industry.

Complete details of content and duration in respect of our training courses are provided as part of this proposal. All of the AAFSA courses are developed according to International Standards such as ICAO, IATA and/or ACI & Best Practice Principles as applicable to the specific training need.

Written examinations are required for most of the courses provided by AAFSA in which case a pass mark in terms of the theoretical exams is established at 80% in order for the student to obtain a Certificate of Competence from the AAFSA. Where practical assessments are required, a 100% pass mark is normally required. However, a number of management courses do not require the writing of an examination or test.  

Training is provided in English and in a modular format allowing the customer the opportunity to develop their own training package in accordance with their specific operational and/or safety requirements. 

The courses that are available through AAFSA cater for almost every organization involved and/or associated with safety and aviation, including Civil Aviation Authorities, Airport Authorities, Airlines, Aircraft Ground Handling Agents, Cargo/Airfreight Agents, Catering and/or Aircraft Cleaning Service Providers and Aircraft Maintenance Organisations.